Law Enforcement and Security Training Institute



designed for the law enforcement, military and security professionals.
tailored for government, global corporations and private companies.
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T4PROS Law Enforcement and Security Training Institute (T4P) provides Modern Tactics, Training, Workshops, Conferences, and Seminars. Our services are limited to Security and Law Enforcement Professionals, the Intelligence Community as well as Active and Retired Military Personnel. 

T4P offers a wide variety of training programs set to meet our client’s mission requirements. Our innovative training techniques allow us to provide personalized instruction designed to enhance each individual’s potential.
Meet The Team
Raul A. Diaz
Executive Director
"It's not how good you are, it's how goodyou want to be"
Lic. Joel Sanchez
Under review!
Jorge Delgado
Subdirector - Operations
T4PROS Caribe
Under review!
Rogelio Perez
Subdirector - Logistics
T4PROS Caribe
Under review!
Daniel Perez
Subdirector - Development
T4PROS Caribe
Under review!

"The more you sweat in Training, ​​
The less you bleed in Combat"